Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Forgot I had a Blog

Just checking this thing out. I now have a computer to work on and write papers and stuff... Honestly, I don't know what I would say that would be worthy of reading. Feel free to move on to the next thing far more interesting.
Thank you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stupid Stuff

The house is a mess. I have someone staying here while we're gone... you'd think that would motivate me to do some work around here. Wrong.

I'm sad because I've put on a few extra pounds this summer. At the moment, that's 7 pounds. I've worked really hard to lose the weight and I don't want to slip back up to my chunko size. I need to be more aware of my intake if I want to obtain MILF status.

I'm going on a bike ride with Mr. Hippy when he gets home from work and that will be nice. Though, he likes to go faster than I do, so it's not much of a workout for him.

I'm glad I've told the world my house is a mess.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Less Than A Week...

We'll be headed to Chicago to see our son graduate from the Naval Bootcamp at Great Lakes. He's been gone for the last 7 weeks and the house has been quiet and calm.
It's all good. Though, I think his sister wishes he were here. Our attention to her hasn't changed, but she'd like to think we're paying more attention to her. Hello... we've always payed this much attention, it's just there's not another distraction... She now gets all our love, the lucky kid : )

School starts in a couple of weeks. I wish I were going to school, rather than teaching, but it's all fine. This years schedule may be done already....woohoo! Assemblies are scheduled (all but two...)
I'll have two days after we get back from our sons celebration before the first day of classes.

On something different. If anyone actually reads this... do you have an ipod touch? Do you like it? What do you use it for? I think I want one, though I'd like to have it before our trip, mostly for the wi-fi. I have a classic iPod and I love it. There's still plenty of room for a ton of music and I think I have over 3000 tunes on it now... so, would you recommend the touch, or say that's a waste of money?

That's it,

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's been a While.

Like the title says, it's been a while since I've last written... just about a year. Since then, many things have happened. Our oldest child has graduated high school (thank God!) Our youngest child was given a horse (oh my God!) And... today, my son went off to the Navy's bootcamp at Great Lakes.
We were all ready for him to spread his wings, which is why it came as a shock to me that I've been feeling sad all day. I thought I'd be shouting with joy, but nope.
Ah well, maybe I'll keep up on this blog a little better... maybe not. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Things Done...

Thing 1 took the last test he needed for his GED today. He thinks he did fine and is now faced with "being done." He's put in his application for WWOOF (see previous post), but he still has myriad things to be done before he can head out.
I sat in the parking lot of LBCC for 2 hours waiting for him to finish his test. LB is just far enough away that I really didn't feel like driving all the way back home to turn around in a half an hour to head back. So, I rolled down the windows and crawled into the back of the wagon, put on my headphones and listened to podcasts and fell asleep. When I woke up, there were cars parked all around me : ) I'm still sleepy.

I'm working on losing weight and now belong to Weight Watchers. So far it's been an easy transition, but today... I'm hungry. I've eaten, but have stayed well within my points, but I'm still hungry. I think the steroids I'm taking have a something to do with this and I will overcome.

This evening is another concert in the park. My husband will be playing, so I think I'll walk down there and catch a ride back with him. That will help me feel a little better about wanting to eat so much today!!

That's it for the blog today.