Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Fitness Pal & Other Apps

Yesterday was the first day I've felt motivated in a while. I went to the physical therapist a few days ago and she worked wonders on my achilles tendon. It's been difficult to do just about anything without pain. Yay for physical therapy!

I've been to the gym a few times this summer, but yesterday, I was able to stay for a little over an hour. Nothing heavy duty, but I was moving with minimal pain and my knees were troopers.

I'm also a gadget junkie. To combine fitness with gadgets truly motivates me. I'm not proud.

Health apps I regularly use are  Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. I also use P Tracker - a frickin' wonder app.

I had the Jawbone UP bracelet. I loved the looks of it and I lost weight while I used it, though it was very unreliable. I had to send it back twice before I gave up and bought the Fitbit.

I don't care for the looks of the Fitbit as much and I've gained weight while using it. I can't blame the bracelet - just noting the correlation. I do like that I have many friends who also own a Fitbit and I'm invited to challenges and I'm told when I've walked the equivalent of walking to the moon.

MyFitnessPal is a fun little app that helps you log your exercise, as well as food. You can also link it to your Fitbit and it will calculate your exercise and adjust your allotted calorie intake for the day.

Runkeeper is super fun. You can log many different activities (you can also do this in MyFitnessPal), and see the route you took. If you make your activity "live" to an audience on Facebook (or probably other sites too), people can cheer you on. I've been on several runs where I'm listening to music and I hear cheers, or some sexy man say something like "Oh yeah!" - It makes me laugh and that motivates me too.

I mentioned P Tracker - Many of my friends whom I've told about this think it's a bit silly, but for me, it's perfect. Yes, I'm aware women have been able to track their own cycle for eons. Not me. Here's a gadget that does it for me! I can plan ahead. Seriously, this app hasn't steered me wrong. It's free.

I've added a weight loss tracker to the bottom of my page. The colors don't fit into the scheme, but again, whatever it takes. I'm competitive. I've put it out there. I'm up for the challenge.


Currently reading: In the Unlikely Event - Judy Blume and Loretta Lynn's A Coal Miners Daugheter 
Just completed: Saint Mazie: A Novel - Jamie Attenberg and Seriously...I'm Kidding -Ellen Degeneres
Candy Crush level: 1079

Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge

I am a slow reader.

I get distracted easily.

So, when I was invited to join a group that's taking on the 2015 Reading Challenge, I said "sure, I'll join your challenge" - Honestly, I thought I'd last for maybe a book, or two and let it slowly fade into a distant memory and devote my time to Candy Crush.

We were visiting family in the midwest for the new year and it was the perfect time to read a book, while others either spent time on their laptops, or waited their turn to take a shower.  I feel the need to tell you my husbands family lives out in the farmlands of Illinois - they are either surrounded by corn, or soybeans depending on the year - Powell's isn't an easy option, so I took to the internet and found I could log into my home library and check out books lickity-split! For free! However, if you've never been and find yourself in Portland, Oregon... Go to Powell's... It smells fabulous.

My first book was La's Orchestra Saves the World  by Alexander McCall Smith. It met my first category - A book set in a different country. The book could have met several other categories, but that's the one I chose. I finished that book fairly quickly and needed another for the flight back to Oregon. I was and am hooked on reading. I bought a Kindle Paperwhite and became an Amazon Prime member.

Since January 2nd, I've completed 34 books with no particular genre. I read both fiction and non-fiction (though, no science fiction, or gooey romance novels - I've tried... I just can't.) I tend to read a novel and then read something to learn about anything. It works for me.

Just finished - Miles to Go by Chris Murphy
Currently reading - Saint Mazie: A Novel by Jami Attenberg
Candy Crush Level - 1071


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Aging - Friends - Future

I just finished watching Djokovic take the Wimbledon Championship from Federer once again. I am in awe of their athleticism. I've always loved sports and love to participate whenever possible, but as the title suggests, I'm thinking about aging... and I'm relatively young!

I watch people moving and I'm envious of how their knees move with what looks like effortless ease. I can't move so effortlessly and this makes me sad. I hope I can do something about it and not sit back and take it. I live in an active community of bicyclists, runners, walkers, rock climbers, etc. and I want to play!

I'm taking a Medrol pak this week - it's steroids and it's supposed to work as an anti-inflammatory. I started 2 days ago and hoped this will help me become more mobile. Except, I'm wondering if I need to have some inflammation for cushion - because ow baby, ow!

I went to the Oregon Country Fair yesterday. It was my first time and it was marvelous! I walked (very slowly) all day and took in the sights (and smells) of the fair. I saw many beautiful confident people and listened to fantastic musicians. I was most impressed with the bass and accordion players - they really were on their game! The only option to sit (that I could find) would be the smoking areas. So, every once and a while I would take advantage of a smokers bench. Thankfully, the majority of the smoke was not from cigarettes.
The food was fantastic and flavor filled and I'm so glad I finally made the trip down.
After dancing at the main stage - and by dancing, I mean favoring one leg and moving around looking super cool - for about an hour, it was time to head home. It was a fairly long trek back to where the car was parked and my friend was very thoughtful and offered to go ahead and bring the car to me.... Oh Hell No! I will walk this walk.  She said "maybe there's a cart that will come by" - again, I wanted no part of that.
We made it to the car and my legs were super happy to be seated. On the way out, I saw a golf cart headed our way. I said "Oh look! There's the cart!" and then I read the sign on it - "Geezer Pleaser."
Well shit. I want no part of that - at least not for another 20 years or so!

The future? I love, love, LOVE Oregon! So many friends, so much beauty to take in, it's redonkuous. But the future? I need to be warm and dry. We've had an unseasonably warm and dry summer thus far and I'm digging it! Though, it's not great for our agriculture and water supply. I try to be mindful of the needs of others, but then I keep thinking about me!

Palm Springs is my home town. Born and raised there and I never wanted to leave - except college and marriage took me on a different and very fun path. I hope to end up there again playing my cello in the symphony. The only thing that could make me happier in Palm Springs, is if there were a PAC 12 school nearby (GO BEAVS!). Nearby enough, that I could work with their marching band, or at-least go to events.

I've written more than usual. I think I have maybe 1, or 2 readers - I'll tag more to hopefully gain a few more. I'd love to hear your experience with alleviating knee pain, Palm Springs and more.

If you've read this, thank you.


Friday, July 10, 2015

I Want Everyone to Care About My Kneecaps

My knees are bad. They hurt and I move slow. This runs in direct opposition to my spazzy spazzy self.

Today I got to see the x-rays of what my knees look like - Holy Crap! (I capitalized for emphasis.)
I'm too young for new knees - hooray! So, rather than surgery (been there, done that) I will be taking steroids to help alleviate the inflammation. Heads up, this time tomorrow, I may be a man.

So, now begins the transformation which not only includes steroids, but physical therapy and swimming. This is good.

Such is the way with Google, I've now Googled kneecap x-rays and read what the procedure is if this therapy doesn't work. I'm crossing my fingers here, because being a man is a small price to pay when faced with the alternative.

Getting older isn't always the most fun. Sneezing creates a whole new adventure. Whatevs.


Thursday, July 09, 2015

I Can't Self-Regulate

All school year long, I dream of summer. During the school year, I work many (MANY) hours - and I love it. Though, I am exhausted and excited when I can control my own time in the summer.
Then summer actually arrives...
Week 1 - I'm up early. Coffee made. New books downloaded onto the Kindle. Big plans to join a swim class and go to the gym (when I feel like it) and cook meals at home.
Reality - I let my defenses down and become a gross ball of sickness who sleeps in and doesn't get dressed until late morning.
Week 2 - Feeling better (lingering cough). No laundry done. I have done dishes and I did cook dinner last night. Go me.
Week 3 - Coming up. I'm going to the dentist. I used to be fine with the dentist. I love my dentist. But then BAM! Now I'm a nervous Nelly. They're going to gas me. We'll see how that goes.

Until then, I feel like I'm one Cheeto away from being this guy...